The Sadistic Promotion of Torture and Violence By Lady Gaga and Rihanna

Warning: This article contains disturbing information and spoilers. Desensitising the youth and sensitive minds to sadistic and violent material is one of the Illuminati’s main agendas. A question which I get regularly from my readers is ‘why’? For what purpose are these entertainment artists used to portray such material? Well the answer is simple: the elite live through satanic and

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Justin Bieber’s Satanic ‘Purpose’ Album Cover

One of the main aims of the Illuminati is to demoralize world religions and to carry out their satanic agendas which incorporate the values of greed, money and power. So it isn’t surprising that Justin Bieber, a massive Illuminati pawn, is promoting this demoralizing religious confusion with his upcoming album, Purpose. Bieber who is 21, recently released the cover art to

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