Best Water Filters For Survival – A Comprehensive Review

This article aims to review the best water filters for survival needs. In order to do this, we looked at the following important factors of each filter: quality of construction (which determines durability), filtration method/filter technology, cartridge capacity, litre/gallon water potential as well as useful add on accessories.

All of these filters have been picked based on the above mentioned factors and thus, ineffective and durably weak filters have been eliminated. Below you will find a range of different filters with different filter technologies and capacities – if you require further information please click the image of the filter.

Why Buy A Survival Water Filter?


Buying a water filter for budding survivalists is essential. Why? Because, anybody can find themselves in a situation where their access to palatable water is restricted.

This may happen in times of a calamity/world war where you may have to evacuate your home and reside in the wilderness where there is only access to untreated sources of water such as lakes and rivers.

These types of water sources can potentially kill you due to the amount of disease causing pathogens contained within the water.

A portable filter can purify water from these sources and make the water palatable and safe for drinking. Consequently, a water filter can be the difference between life and death in survival situations.

How Do Water Filters Work? 

Rapid advances in technology have enabled ultra effective filtration methods which are widely available in many survival filters (check below for our recommended survival water filters). If you want to know how water filters filtrate water, check out this great video which explains it in simple terms.

Top Rated Survival Water Filters 

With that being said, here are the top rated survival water filters for your survival needs.  If you have any questions about any of these products, please don’t hesitate to contact me under this article 🙂


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Great article on water filters. I found it very interesting to read about just how they worked.
You never know when you will need one of these handy contraptions, so I think everyone should have one for just in case.

I didn’t however see the connection between this article and the heading of Doomsday, but I guess it would be doomsday if we no longer had fresh water to drink.


This is a very informative article and something that I don’t think enough people think about. Of course, no one likes to think about the worse case scenario, but things can happen and we need to be prepared. I don’t think that a lot of people realize the dangers of drinking lake or rain water. You have done a great job of keep us all informed!


Great idea to get a filtered water bottle this fatty and age. Heck I may need one before the apocalypse with this tap water so contaminated now a days. Thanks for the links to the top rated ones.


I am really intrigued with all the different things needed in the typical emergency get-out-of-town pack. We used to joke about it, but now we take it a little more seriously! Great idea having a water filter. I like the smaller portable ones shown, do you think they are better than the straw filters? Can you boil water as well without filtering it and be safe?

Hi, I have a recommendation for a pair of filters. They are both tiny and when used in conjunction with one another are great. They also don’t break the bank. The two can be purchased for about $35 total on Amazon. The first filter I recommend is a Sawyer Mini. It is small, lightweight, can be used in line with a hydration bladder, screwed onto a standard soda bottle, or used as a straw filter. The Sawyer Mini is rated to filter water to .1 micron, and is claimed to be able to filter 100,000 gallons. I use that as… Read more »

I honestly never knew this type of thing existed. I wonder if it would’ve helped me when I was a teenager and I’d sleep over at my friend’s house and her family had well water – which made me sick! After filtering the water, is the water then safe to drink?

Heather Grace

This is a great thing to have on hand! how often do the filters need to be replaced? This would be a great thing to take on my up coming trip to South America. Heck, I would even want to use one when getting water out of the drinking fountain at the park haha

I would recommend a Sawyer Mini and a Platypus Carbon Element. The two can be connected inline, and everything you need to connect the two filters comes with them. Just be sure to use the Sawyer Mini as a first stage and the Platypus Carbon Element as a second stage. The Sawyer Mini is an awesome filter. It weighs a few ounces, filters to .1 microns (which is better than a few in the video), can be attached to a standard soda bottle, used as a straw to drink directly from a water source, or connect as part of a… Read more »

This is pretty cool. So even if you’re traveling, you can use water from any kind of streams you find and it’ll be okay with one of these? That saves a lot of weight not bringing water bottles along. I plan to travel a lot throughout my life and want to be as prepared as possible, carrying the least I can. Are there a couple specific ones you recommend?

Salvatore V Jenkins Jr.
Salvatore V Jenkins Jr.

My girlfriend and I have talked about taking a survival class and what is more important then keeping hydrated. It is important to have a good filtration device to purify water out in the wild especially when it becomes scarce and there is no more running water in your household pipes.

Very informative, I will definitely be better prepared when I do put together my survival gear and choose the right water filter because of the information provided in this article!

This aricle is intriguing because it took me back to the time years ago when my husband was in the military and we had the Cuban Missile Crisis in the US. The military wives were reqired to attend a lecture on survival. The lecturer told us that if we had a missile attack in our area, we would need to pray that we were in the catastrophic area. He said that if we survived, we would really suffer because everything would be contaminated, especially the drinking water. With that being said, I can really relate to the fact that we… Read more »

Great and important post. I carry the MSR miniworks in my GO-BAG always. It is a great filter and I like that it is easy to use in shallow, hard-to-reach areas where you may not be able to scoop the water up. Instead, with the MSR, you can suck the water out through the tube.

Awesome information!