About Us

Prepare For The Future: The New World Order Is Here.


Doomsday Is Here was created to expose the satanic forces which are twisting and debasing mankind. Since knowledge is power, it is best we open our eyes as soon as possible and become aware of how the individuals and corporations we are trusting, are the same people who are destroying our world. You would become surprised of how many people practice and believe in satanic and magick values and this is exactly what is going on in the world currently.

There is an agenda by these individuals (otherwise known as The Illuminati) to destroy the world by debasing world religions, stripping away human rights gradually and exposing negative satanic filth to impressionable and sensitive minds.

Doomsday Is Here seeks to spread the messages and information that are not discussed openly and freely by society. From mainstream entertainment puppets who are privately hurting from mind control to general business and political corporations destroying our world systems.

Doomsday Is Here also seeks to educate the masses on what supplies and materials they need to prepare for the upcoming Doomsday. The website is not to instill fear but to inform people of the importance of being prepared for Doomsday (also known as World War III).

The Illuminati thrive on greed, power, money and satanic destructive vices which are constantly promoted through various channels of world communication (television, music, radio and education). Doomsday Is Here aims to expose the propagation of such vices through analysis of symbolism, secret societies and hidden meanings.

If you would like to contact us, please send a message to doomsdayisnear.com@gmail.com