Survive The End Days Scam? – An Unbiased Review

survive the end days review

Product: ‘Survive the End Days’ e-book.
Price: $39.
Where to Buy: Survive the End Days.
Who it’s For: Survivalists, Preppers, Christians, Survivalist Beginners.
Guarantee: 60 Days Money Back Guarantee.
Rating: 9.5/10.

Introducing ‘Survive the End Days’.

survive the end days review

Survive the End Days is a revolutionary must-have survival e-book which thoroughly prepares readers to prepare for the upcoming apocalypse (doomsday) by teaching them key survivalist skills and knowledge.

What makes this e-book really unique is the illustration of biblical teachings when foretelling what the apocalypse will entail, when it will happen (before the 1st January 2017) and why it will happen. With reflection to biblical passages, the book foretells that the political tensions between Putin (Russia) and Obama (United States), which are based on financial greed and mass power, will collide and result in apocalyptic destruction.

Nathan Shephard combines both the faith and grace of God with the practicality of key survival skills and touches on important topics to endure and survive doomsday. These topics include ways to protect electronics (phones, computers etc) from electromagnetic pulses from nuclear weapons, knowing which survivalist items to stockpile, how to pick edible outdoor foods as well as providing solutions to other problems such as safely camping outdoors and security measures amongst others.

Survive the End Days pleasantly informs the reader on these topics in layman’s terms and explains clearly why the upcoming doomsday will unleash the demons from hell. Click below to read my ‘how to survive the end days’ review.

What is EMP?

survive the end days review

Survive the End Days provides ways to protect against EMP (electromagnetic pulses) which arise from the use of nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons are the all-encompassing method of mass destruction which is currently being used by the elite to advance their own dark agendas.

What makes nuclear weapons different from biological and chemical warfare is the release of toxic, dangerous chemicals in the air. Nuclear weapons are completely destructive as they infiltrate everything in passing (plants, animals, oxygen) and can quickly induce death from exposure. Moreover, the EMP from the nuclear weapons destroy all power supplies (portable electronics, televisions, mobiles, laptops etc).

The advancement of technology has made nuclear weapons an extremely dangerous yet beneficial tool to the elite to destroy the world (see Hiroshima and Nagasaki). Ruiter also makes this clear in his book, The 13 Satanic Bloodlines:

“One of the biggest crimes against a civil population in the history of mankind must have been the use of atomic weapons…After he had given orders to drop the atomic bombs over Nagasaki and Hiroshima, President Truman admitted that he hadn’t lost any sleep over the inhabitants of either Japanese cities since, to him, they were no more than savages”.Ruiter, R.

The 13 Satanic Bloodlines: Paving the Road to Hell: The End of Individual Choice is at Hand – Worldwide Evil and Misery – The Antichrist – Salvation

One needs to look no further than Hiroshima and Nagasaki to illustrate how destructive nuclear weapons are (the amount of deaths equalled over 230,000). With the infiltration of EMP from the detonation of nuclear bombs, defence systems will no longer be accessible, hospitals will no longer be able to care for patients, street lighting will be gone, outdoor foods will be toxic and houses will be ruined. It is consequently imperative that we become knowledgeable about how to survive when doomsday comes…and it’s coming at a fast pace.

Is it Practical?

Survive the End Days is a great read as not only does it educate the reader all about EMP (its origins, use and results) but also provides practical solutions to prevent EMP from damaging communication devices when doomsday occurs.

The book details easy to follow DIY methods of creating EMP-proof communication devices including creating radios from scrap (which are easier to create than you think). Furthermore, it also details easy to follow DIY methods of creating EMP-proof containers to prevent electromagnetic pulses from destroying electronic items. Such items are vitally important through the apocalypse as you will want to communicate with your loved ones to ensure safety and survival.

Will Doomsday Affect Me?

survive the end days review

Yes, Doomsday (the apocalypse) will affect EVERYBODY (except the elite, as they will have already sufficiently prepared for their own wrath of destruction) but only those who are prepared for the mass destruction will survive. This e-book gives you the tools to do exactly this by providing information on EMP, solutions to protect electronic devices from EMP, survival techniques when you are camping amongst other helpful solutions such as alternative energy sources, survivalist item checklists and ways to create your own shelter. It does all the above while linking key biblical passages to illustrate how the Bible warns us all of doomsday.

Do I Need ‘Survive the End Days’ to Survive?

Imagine the following scenario:

It is Saturday night and you are at home, watching TV. Suddenly… the power is cut off, but you calmly go into the kitchen and look for a candle to light up. You turn on the radio to find out when the power will be restored, but that does not seem to be working either. Should you decide to go out for a walk and there are no lights in sight, know this: America is under attack!

While you may not be immediately affected by the lack of power, the people on life support will. In no time, the whole of America will be on life support.

Fundamentally, and to place it into perspective, anything electrical on Earth that is not properly protected will be wiped out. Telephone systems, electrical lines, everything will be destroyed in a matter of milliseconds.

But pace yourself: ocean and air transportation will likewise be crippled. Without force plants, fuel pumps and charge and control capacities, most railway structures will become largely unavailable. Many planes will lose correspondence with the control tower and inadvertently change their routes, even collide with other planes.

In all likelihood, there will be countless car crashes. A great deal of will probably occur because of the loss of street lighting. Authorities will become powerless – they will no longer have the necessary resources to monitor traffic and clear the roadways of accidents. Everybody will freak out and start running in opposite directions. Chaos will rule. The streets will turn into large parking areas due to impaired modern vehicles that contain over 100 microprocessor chips (the electric vehicles contain even more).

Businesses will go bankrupt. Money lies at the heart of our society and wars, and safe to say, money will bring our demise. What will happen to your ledgers, the stocks that you possess, even your life investment funds?! What will you do when all of your financial records are lost forever?

In short, yes you do need to read this e-book if you want practical solutions to survive the apocalypse which will be induced via nuclear means.

Do You Recommend ‘Survive the End Days’?

After fully reading the e-book, I thoroughly recommend Survive the End Days as it is very easy to read and digest and also provides practical workable solutions (as described in this review) which are easy to put into place.

Doomsday is Near’s Review Rating: 9.5/10

Furthermore, if you are not satisfied with the e-book for any reason, you are protected by the 60 day money back guarantee. So either way, you are covered!

Start Preparing Today!

The e-book gives survival tips which you can carry out as soon as possible. What have you got to lose? Money will come and go but life is sacred. Get this valuable e-book today to protect yourself and the ones you love from upcoming mass apocalyptic destruction.


“But the one who endures to the end will be saved” – Matthew 24:13.


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Hillary Lynn
This was a well written and thorough review of this e-book. While it isn’t necessarily my “cup of tea”, you kept me reading through your entire review. I am not big on “dooms day prepping” but I do think that some level of being on the ready for anything is vital to everyone. Whether or not it is an apocalypse that we face, there is a good chance that at some point in our lives, we will face a situation where we will to survive something and being ready will be vital. Everyone can benefit from having “supplies at the… Read more »
Steve DAngelo

Very Interesting article, I’ve always been interested in end times and the effects of the nuclear age. I didn’t realize the effects of EMP on all the systems you mentioned. Being prepared is key for any kind of event. The Real End is scary to think about. Thanks for sparking my interest again!


What an awesome book review. I’ve always been fascinated by apocalypse type movies and books so this one is certainly up my ally. After seeing you article and the high review you gave it, I’m certainly going to be checking out this SURVIVE THE END DAYS book. It looks like something I’d certainly be interested in reading. Thank you so much for the recommendation!


I just read your post titled, “How to Survive the End Days….” Very interesting read, but where do you get your date. Jesus said no one knows the date, not the Son of Man but My Father only. He was referring to His second coming if memory serves me correctly. I love the study of Scripture. As a matter of fact, the 1st site I built out is a Christian based website.
Thank you,
Edward Mijarez


Very scary but interesting stuff.
As much as I’m prepared for world upheaval, none of us are totally prepared (and probably never will be). We just have to be prepared enough to survive the first few months of anything that happens. Thanks for the review and I’ll check this ebook out.


Hey, I really liked your review! It tells you enough to make you want you to read it but no spoilers. Years ago, people thought the apocalypse would take centuries to come, but I think nowadays we are closer to it. We are destroying our planets ourselves and if we’re not careful, everything could end soon. Better be prepared!


Great review, not really my topic of choice, but you made it sound quite interesting. I mostly enjoy post apocalyptic movies about this subject etc.

I am the type of person to live for the day, and my opinion is that being obsessed with the end will interrupt with you now. Life is good 🙂

This was definitely an interesting read. As a Christian myself I would like to weight in on a couple of things. First, I do not believe anyone knows when this is going to happen. It’s’ been predicted several times now (Dec 2012 being the biggest one of course) but…. we’re still here. I also don’t believe we can truly predict what will cause the destruction. That being said, this was a good read. Although I don’t think I would spend $40 for it, especially since I do believe God will remain in control and whatever his plan for me (and… Read more »

Interesting book, I’ve never heard of it before but I’m definitely interested in this topic so I might take a look at it.
So let me understand, the book claims that the apocalypse will happen before 1st January 2017? Because I’m not sure if I misunderstood or if it really says so.


Hi there,
Had to check out another article – this is a great review too. I think it’s a really good point about the EMP stuff and how it would be handled. I remember I was in the blackout on the east coast in 2003 and the first thing I worried about was the hospital and people on life support – but fortunately I learned there were these generators for them. At first I didn’t know that and I cried and cried thinking people were dying. I’ll have to pick this book up and read more about this stuff.


Very interesting topic. Although I don’t believe that the end of days is coming within the next year, i do believe it will happen eventually. This was a very thorough review. I like that there is a money back guarantee too! Your review peaks my interest though and makes me want to read more.

I believe that this is just a ploy from a con artist, who preys on others to sucker money from them. If money will be useless when this happens in 2017 as stated what good is it to sell this as the money made wont be helping you? A truly god faring person would just give everyone this information instead of trying to sell it. How do you think god is going to judge a person who decided it was more important to make money then to save lives? I certainly would not decide to make money that will be… Read more »