Is The World Going To End Today? – 29/07/2016 – The Truth Revealed

The world did not end today but here are 5 reasons why we should be prepared for Doomsday.

Firstly, the Doomsday clock illustrates how world events are influencing societal values, human rights and our safety. Those who hold global power have the ability to cause mayhem in this world and it is coming at a rapid pace.

——————-Read About The Doomsday Clock Here———————

Secondly, a huge battle is going on right now in the subtle realm whereby evil is trying to eradicate good. We must be more connected within ourselves via our spirituality and have more compassion and dignity.

Thirdly, the environment is becoming more and more contaminated and compromised with animals being killed due to the amount of dangerous chemicals being used to carry out evil agendas. These evil agendas link to the fourth point.

Nuclear weapons of mass destruction are a major tool of wiping out huge amounts of civilians and we have seen this in many cases such as Japan. Doomsday will not be the end of the world but will unleash the demons from hell. The new world order is coming.

Finally, technology is becoming more and more advanced and concepts such as trans humanism are becoming more and more alive. This is negative for positive societal values such as effective communication skills but is positive for Illuminati agendas such as the destruction of religion and moral values.

Wake up. The world didn’t end today, and it won’t end in the future.

However, our future will be just like the pits of hell due to the upcoming new world order which will include martial law, mass surveillance and modern slavery. We consequently must be prepared for what is coming towards us.


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