Is There Going To Be A World War 3? – Apocalyptic Signs Revealed

With each mass shooting, terrorist event, environmental calamity or general disrespect of humanity, doomsday is getting closer and closer (See what ‘Doomsday’ is here).

With all of the recent events occurring involving beheadings, shootings and political proposals of war, it isn’t hard to understand that world war 3 is fast approaching. However, many people still question ‘Is there going to be a world war 3’?

Mass media, and the political landscape have their own commercial and occultist agendas and having a nation full of sheep with closed eyes is a perfect situation for the elite.

With the masses being blind and religiously watching every ‘Breaking News’ headline being replayed over and over, the unbiased and unfiltered truth rarely gets out. However, wheels are already in rapid motion to fundamentally change humanity and bring about a New World Order involving; mass surveillance via microchips, trans humanist values which override spirituality and religion, martial law as well as a single currency, used to exploit the working class by the upper echelon.  Out of these things, the death of religion and ignorance of the spirit is rapidly increasing.

No longer are we connecting within ourselves to nurture our souls. Instead, we are being numbed to the countless commercial and superficial advertisements which subliminally deceive us into believing that materialistic objects will fulfil us. But they never do. Take this in addition to popular culture being infiltrated with hyper-sexual, dumbed down and debasing messages illustrates the destruction of spirituality.

A lot of people don’t know this, but there is a subtle spiritual war going on right now between good and evil and the effect of this battle is subsiding in real life. Just take a look at the following real life events from the past few years which have shocked the nation. Although, we are continuously shocked, many will never understand that World War 3 is coming…and coming fast.

The Lead Up To World War 3.


April 2013



Oct 2014


Nov 2014


Dec 2014



Jan 2015



Feb 2015


March 2015



April 2015



Oct 2015

Nov 2015



Explosions at the Boston Marathon

Rise of ISIS (on-going)


Shootings at Parliament Hill, Canada


Stabbings and terror in Market, Xinjiang, China.


Sydney cafe siege, Sydney, Australia

Peshawar, Pakistan school massacre


Baga massacre, Nigeria

Charlie Hebdo shooting, Paris France


Mass shooting in Copenhagen, Denmark


Tunisia Museum Attacks

Sana’a Mosque Bombings


Increase in European migrant crisis

Mass Shooting At Garissa, Kenya.


Ankara Bombings

Paris Attacks


World War 3

Illusion and Delusion

Let’s just ignore all of the mass disasters and destruction of religion for a minute. Have you noticed something different when you walk out of the door and face the world? Society is becoming more and more careless about humanity and more and more materialistic. We eat and drink more but think and pray less.

However, unbeknownst to society, we are playing right into the hands of the elite by following their script. What is their script? You would be amazed if you knew what is happening in the world right now. Massive corporations and companies who own the majority of entertainment channels and formats come from occult blood ties. If you don’t do anything today, just take a look at Frit’s book on the bloodlines of the Illuminati. You will be shocked to know that the entities who we trust in today’s age are the same entities and corporations who are destroying the world.

See here: The 13 Satanic Bloodlines: Paving the Road to Hell: The End of Individual Choice is at Hand – Worldwide Evil and Misery – The Antichrist – Salvation

In order to prepare for doomsday, please keep updated via the ‘Preparing for Doomsday’ section of the website. I will be providing tips on supplies and checklists which are important in order to survive doomsday.

“The minority, the ruling class at present, has the schools and press, usually the Church as well, under its thumb. This enables it to organize and sway the emotions of the masses, and make its tool of them.” – Albert Einstein, letter to Sigmund Freud, 30 July 1932.



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Hi, so many people are talking now about World War 3. But what I see from your article is mainly about Muslim terrorism form one side and the rest of the world from the other. OK. one can call this a world war and this is reality right now, it will not become better on this front. But I am equally or more concerned about relations between big players and so frequent use of words like nuclear. This is a frightening possibility.

Doomsday Is Near

Hi Jovo. I never said that the rise of ISIS is currently a world war 3. It is however, another piece of the elite puzzle which will ultimately tip the balance forward for more hostility, warfare and Illuminati values. All of these things will bring about world war 3 and its not a possibility; doomsday is near.


Wow! your website is such an eye opener. It is scary what i’m reading but this is good. I am so glad I found your site.I have been reading things about The New World Order, The Anti Christ and Zeitgeist, even the suspicious closing of Walmarts all over the US.
I am glad I am now based in Guatemala but I do have a lot of family in the US.
I shall follow your site.

Doomsday Is Near

Hello Ann, thank you for the compliments, feel free to join the DIN mailing list.

Hi, Very well written and engaging article. I don’t know if doomsday is near or if world war 3 is coming, but I do agree with you the world is changing for the worse. As much as I’ve come to use it, I think a lot of it has to do with technology also. People don’t talk anymore, they text, or e-mail, or whatever. Kids don’t play outside anymore, they sit in front of the TV, computer or even a cell phone. I also agree that people are way to materialistic these days. I’m 43 and I see a big… Read more »
Doomsday Is Near

Hi Patti, yes you are right, people are very materialistic in this era and this has resulted in a subtle battle between good and evil.

The Simple Retiree

I think everyone should have a plan, a doomsday plan. I actually think it will come fro a virus and not so much a doomsday war. Man has been fighting wars so he first walked and it’s always about religion. Sad, really.
I appreciate your point of view and well written.
Do you believe in planning for retirement? I hope so.

Doomsday Is Near

Hello Peter, yes I do believe in retirement and believe it is a sensible way of future securement. Doomsday will in fact be an amalgamation of both medical viruses which impact healthwise (similar to the ebola pandemic) as well as environmental calamities and warfare. Thanks for your support.

conner goff
Your website as a whole is very interesting. I, for one, personally don’t believe that World War 3 will occur in the near future at all, although given enough time, eventually WWIII is bound to happen. We already have a bunch of tension going on all over the world, so WWIII is certainly a pretty big possibility. However, some talk of the end of the world, when seen from a sociological standpoint, can be explained away, at least currently; talk of the Illuminati has existed for a long time, and rumors and supposed evidence has been floating around ever since… Read more »
You made some good points here. I hear of a lot of people thinking that World War 3 is going to happen sooner or later. People are just losing it. Sometimes I feel like why cant we all just get along, the world would be a better place. The San Bernardino killings where big too, which happened just days ago. Now they feel like that is related to terrorist or ISIS. I don’t even know what is going on. Who do we trust, because sometimes it seems like we cant trust no one but ourselves. You have people in their… Read more »
Andre Kish
Hiya Brandon – hope you won’t mind me adding a reply to your comment. It isn’t so much as group against group that’s the problem but man against man. I wonder what the global death toll will be this year from internal domestic violence across the globe. If, just for example here only, the USA lost as many soldiers in a battle as it loses in citizens who kill each other inside the USA each year the US government would have an absolute fit and go to war immediately. The internal domestic figures are staggering, in the tens of thousands… Read more »
Andre Kish
Hi – the world hs been at war, either directly or by proxy, for decades, perhaps since the outset of WW1. Across history groups of greedy men have been able to each take control of economies and politics in their own times. Whether they form an Illuminati – as in a generation passing info and policy to the next younger group in control – is probably very difficult to prove nowadays, without raising the dead and asking them personally. World War 3 is merely the non-stop global conflicts continuing uninterupted into the 21st century. Armageddon (a gathering of troops) is… Read more »