Pete Burns Dies At Age 57: Coincidence or Illuminati Sacrifice?

Pete Burns is reported to have suffered a heart attack which led to his demise at age 57.

Although reports are quite premature, his manager confirmed the news of his death on Twitter. Pete Burns is perhaps best known for his hit ‘Spin Me Right Round’ with his band ‘Dead or Alive’ which propelled him to fame.

During his life, he had a range of plastic surgery procedures probably due to the insane amount of insecurity the entertainment industry induces within celebrities as seen with JoJo.

I wonder if people are going to say it is a coincidence that one of the most blatant songs from Pete Burns is an ode to mind control and fragmented personalities. That and the fact that he has joined the 57 club along with Prince and Vanity who all died at age 57.

Like many ritualistic murders, the significance of sacrificing a celebrity who no longer has their uses is massive.

If you look at the past celebrity deaths (Whitney, Prince, Vanity and now Pete Burns) they eerily don’t make any sense. These celebrities were slated to have been past their prime.

Wake up people, this is not a conspiracy, but a constant pattern.


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