Printable Doomsday Preppers Supplies List – The Ultimate Non Food Checklist

All of the key world events are signalling the coming of the New World Order and Doomsday. Consequently, being prepared by having survival supplies is very important.

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Becoming prepared for Doomsday can be a daunting task as many new preppers don’t know where to start looking to find their supplies. Hopefully, this checklist will remove the confusion in searching for which items you need.


This article will only focus on non-food items to make it easier for you to organise your supplies. Please keep updated with the ‘Preparing For Doomsday’ section of the website which will also have a food checklist.

All of the items included in this checklist are important. You should take into consideration of your social situations and your family members. For example, if you have a bigger extended family, then you should take this into account when considering how many items to purchase.

Although every prepper will have something different in their checklist, there is a general consensus on the basic items needed to survive a calamity. These items can be divided into the following categories: hygiene and sanitation, shelter, security and lighting.

If you have any items which you would have in your supplies which are not in this checklist, please feel free to comment in this article.

1. Shelter

Having an effective shelter is very important to keep you and your family safe when doomsday comes. A shelter is one of the most important things a doomsday prepper should have in their supplies as it acts as a foundation point to go to in the event of a calamity or war.

Coleman 4-Person Tent

Purchase a suitable heat source for your shelter. This can either be a a Kerosone or Propane heater.

Dura Heat Kerosene Heater

Portable Radiant Heater

Duct tape can help in a plethora of different situations including obstructing fabric rips and hanging on the rafters as flypaper to catch bugs.

Utility Duct Tape

Having thermal clothing is important for surviving outdoors.

Thermal Wool Socks

2. Security

I cannot stress the importance of having security items in your supplies for the safety of you and your family/loved ones. Having security measures will reduce any unwanted visitors in the event of mass terror. With there being a number of unprecedented terror attacks across the world, we all must have security measures in place to protect our homes and our loved ones.

This section includes barbwire to prevent intruders entering property, door and window security as well as sandbags to prevent floods amongst general items such as a tactical flash light and pocket knives to cut through wood and glass. The main items needed:

Door and Window Security: With there being major political efforts to bring in martial law and the emergence of unprecedented terror attacks, having effective door  and window security is important to protect our homes.

EZ Armor Ultimate Door Security

Vigilant Window Glass Alarm Vibration Security Emergency Alarm

Survival Pocket Knife and Flashlight: Having a survival pocket knife has numerous benefits: you can prepare objects of safety by cutting through wood and glass as well as fabrics. Having a pocket knife can also be useful for cooking and preparing food as well as for general safety. Furthermore, having a flashlight is important for seeing where you are going to be located in darker environments.

BlizeTec Survival Knife: Best 5-in-1 Tactical Pocket Folding Knife

J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight

Sandbags and barbwire: barbwire is imperative to protect property violations in wars, calamity and terror attacks. Furthermore, sandbags can help protect from environmental disasters such as floods and water attacks.

Sand Bags

Bekaert Barbed Wire

Body Armour: Beneficial to protect the human body from bombs, very harsh weather conditions or warfare when trekking or finding a suitable camping shelter.


AguaForma Multi Sport Hood ~ Mask Set

Having a fire extinguisher is important in the event of terror attacks involving bombs. Fire can destroy your surroundings and more importantly, your shelter so it is important to have an extinguisher in place.

Multi-Purpose Fire Extinguisher

3. Hygiene, First Aid and Sanitation 

Hygiene and sanitation are important factors to take into account. Having an emergency kit for first aid purposes is also very important in cases of sheltering in inhabitable environments. Although, many will have different items in their hygiene bags, here are the main items:

First Aid Kit: essential for treating infections and injuries. This comprehensive first aid emergency ready kit will have everything you need for first aid purposes in survival.

ER Emergency Ready Family Hygiene Emergency Kit

Toilet Bucket Kit and Hygiene and Skin Products: it is important to have a toilet bucket kit, skin products and hygiene products to maintain a healthy and bacteria free routines.

Emergency Toilet Bucket Kit for 1-4 Persons

Essentials Personal Hygiene Kit for Survival

100 Sunscreen Lotion

Trash Bags

Survival Mask

Nitrile Gloves

Shower Kit: having a shower kit is useful for sanitation purposes.

Camp Shower/Shelter Combo

4. Lighting

Having effective lighting is important to make you and your family safe in emergencies. Also, when you are creating a safe environment for your shelter, you will need effective lighting in case of breakages and impostors during night activity.

This section will also include items which you will need to source your electrical equipment (e.g. batteries, car power invertors etc).

Charger and 8 Rechargeable AA and 4 Rechargeable AAA Batteries

Having headlamps is easier than flashlights as you will be able to maneuver more freely for hands free tasks.

Solar Camping Light

PowerDrive Power Inverter

Battery powered lanterns can also be a useful item for those who are not used to solar lights.

Ultra Bright Lantern – Perfect Camping Lantern for Hiking, Camping, Emergencies, Hurricanes, Outages

Having emergency candles can also be useful in the event of any solar powered lights not operating.

100 Hour Plus Emergency Candles

Your List

If you have any suggestions, or queries about any of the items listed here, please don’t hesitate to contact me. This list is not intended to be exhaustive as many people will have different items in their supplies but I consider this to be the main items.


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Andre Kish

Hiya Jazzy – love the post and kind of understand the concept behind this – it’s trying to help so good job. Please don’t be offended but I did have a little mischievious thought plus a chuckle and wondered whether Amazon did a complete – End Of The World Kit. It’s just not like those who cater for the global ecomonical consumption of any old tatt, such as Amazon, to miss a sales trick, is it? And I’m afraid that on the day of the Apocalypse we’re going to need rather a lot of toilet paper between us on this… Read more »


Hello Andre, I don’t know of any ultimate end of the world kit via Amazon so I divided the items needed into categories. Yes, thanks for that, I will definitely add that to the list.

I believe that Doomsday will come in stages and the end stage will result in major environmental calamities, human warfare and slavery. We are currently moving towards the first stage with all of the disastrous events occurring in the world involving war and violence.

Hope this was useful.


Hi Jazzi, I was wondering what the first stage of “Doomsday” will be? I talked to my daughter about this, and she was really scared for a while. Is this something she should be afraid of?


Hello Jazzi, I was wondering what the first stage of “Doomsday” would be? I had a talk with my daughter about this and she was pretty freaked out about this for a while. Is this something she should be afraid of?


I think this is a good list of things to have just of any kind of emergency not just doomsday. It pays to be prepared. I did not even know some of the things on your list actually existed, like the shower kit.
I have a question though, about the body armor. What kind of body armor are we talking about? Like Kevlar body armor that is like resistant to bullets and explosions like military or law enforcement uses or just simple protective gear to stay protected against the elements?