Rihanna’s ‘Needed Me’ Glamorizes Illuminati Sacrifice, Money and Gun Violence.

If you are a regular visitor of Doomsday is Near, you might have noticed that Rihanna’s music and art is infiltrated heavily by demonic values and the Illuminati (click here, here and here). Rihanna’s latest video ‘Needed Me’, adds to the range of disturbing and twisted videos she has released.

While her fans on social media immediately praised the video, some publications surprisingly picked up on how blatantly explicit the themes in the video are. ‘Needed Me’ basically glamorizes gun violence, human sacrifice and the love of money. The video is essentially a form of mind control because it infiltrates the minds of impressionable fans into thinking that her behaviour is ‘normal’ or ‘cool’ (as social media reflects).

However, there is a very disturbing agenda behind each sadistic video released in the music industry. And this agenda is to cause MORE gun violence (to deliberately eradicate our right to bear arms), normalize demonic human sacrifice and subconsciously place enormous importance on money to promote greed.

20/04: ‘Weed Day’.

The music video begins with Rihanna smoking what seems to be cannabis.

The music video begins with Rihanna smoking what seems to be cannabis.

‘Needed Me’ was released on 20/04 which is celebrated as ‘Weed Day’ for those who smoke cannabis (which Rihanna does). Cannabis is not legalised in a lot of countries and jurisdictions but smoking weed is constantly glamorised by Rihanna. Why? Because the Illuminati want people to be hooked on drugs in order to create a weak society.

What better way to create confusion and implement fear than to make drugs accessible and then ban them. This causes confusion and problems to impressionable individuals who want to smoke weed (after seeing Rihanna glamorise it) and then end up being hooked on the illegal drug.

“The global drug trade is an important instrument that the Illuminati use to get as many people as possible hooked on drugs and then deprive them of their rights by making the possession and use of these drugs illegal. Their goal is to create a weak and unprotected society, and to achieve this goal they deliberately create confusion and fear.” Ruiter, R. The 13 Satanic Bloodlines: Paving The Road To Hell, Mayan Publications.

The plot of the video basically consists of Rihanna making her way to a club to shoot her lover in stone cold blood. Yes, that’s what music videos consist of nowadays. No more reflection of positive societal values or love; instead it is hatred and gore.

It has been proven that the content of videos and subject matter of songs DO have an effect on the minds of particularly impressionable listeners. The Illuminati know this fully well which is why these types of videos are carried out by major superstars who can then infiltrate their minds.

Guns Are Fashionable. 


The illegal usage of guns is prevalent throughout the video and this contributes towards the following agenda: to fully eradicate gun rights. It may seem contradictory to glamorize gun usage in order to eventually eradicate gun rights, but this is all apart of the agenda. People who idolize Rihanna will internalize the behavior carried out in ‘Needed Me’.

A lot of the people shown in Needed Me carry guns...and it seems to be for gang purposes as opposed to personal protection.

A lot of the people shown in Needed Me carry guns…and it seems to be for gang purposes as opposed to personal protection.

Eventually, if this sort of behavior is seen as acceptable, guns will be illegally used sooner or later. All the Illuminati need is a reason and they will do everything in their power to create this reason. They did this with 9/11, the creation of ISIS as well as countless other mass terror events and the next stage is the second Amendment. All of these artificial Illuminati executed events all play an important part: to bring about the New World Order (Doomsday).

Going back to the music video, after smoking weed, Rihanna decides to pay a visit to her soon-to-be-dead lover in the strip club.


Rihanna wears a skull helmet and hops onto a motorcycle with her friend.

The promotion and symbolism of death (which includes skulls) is used as a fashionable tool in pop culture. We are constantly being numbed to these images in order to become accustomed to them. However, only those who are awake will realize that this satanic glorification of sex, death and drugs is extremely damaging to the  human psyche.

Beta Kitten Programming.  

Women are constantly degraded in music videos and act as sex slaves.

The most disturbing scenes of ‘Needed Me’ take place in the strip club. Rihanna goes inside the strip club with her gun in place and decides to pay her lover a visit. She sees her lover with a stripper who seems to be a beta kitten (a mind controlled sex slave) symbolized by her feline tattoos and the feline imprinted sofa that the man is sitting on.

Beta kittens are used prominently in the industry to promote and endorse sex.

Beta kittens are used prominently in the industry to promote and endorse sex.


Beta kittens are programmed especially for blackmail and espionage. This beta kitten is from Lil’ Wayne’s video ‘Love Me’.

“An alter that is being used for espionage and blackmail is called a beta (Sex slave). Sex slaves are programmed to possess skills to use their charm, optimize seductive skills, and to be creative and charismatic”. Ruiter, R. The 13 Satanic Bloodlines: Paving The Road To Hell, Mayan Publications.

Human Sacrifice and Money. 

Rihanna then goes to shoots the man. As she does this, her gold necklace flashes red which illustrates demonic possession. After all, what person in their right mind would kill an ex lover in cold blood?


Rihanna’s necklace flashes from gold to red symbolizing the work of the devil.


Her lover tries to buy his life by throwing stacks of money at Rihanna but she proceeds to shoot him, not once but twice.


Money is promoted as a possession to kill for. We have seen this in other Rihanna videos such as ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’.


In the end, money and death are glamorized as acceptable and is glorified by Rihanna. I’m sure her millions of fans will label this as trendy. 

The End. 


After killing her lover, she decides to smoke again because murder is tiring. Not only physically but tiring on the soul. With each demonic like quality the industry forces out of celebrities, the more their soul is being drained. We have seen this in so many celebrities: Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse etc.

‘Needed Me’ adds to the collection of dark and twisted videos released by ‘Illuminati puppet’ Rihanna. The video brings about the glorification of guns, money, murder and sex. Are these values that we want future generations to embrace? No, but they are values that the Illuminati want the future to embrace since it contributes to the advancement of Doomsday.




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