Hoffman Richter Stinger Spy Pen Review – Is It A Scam?

Product: Hoffman Richter Stinger Spy Pen
Who’s It For: Everyone!
Overall Rating: 9.5/10
Price: $50.00 $19.95 (Shipping Paid!)
Where to Buy: Survival Life

This article ‘Hoffman Richter Tactical Pen Review’ explores what the Stinger Spy Pen is and whether it is a survival product you genuinely need or not. The Stinger Spy Pen is designed by Hoffman Richter and distributed by Survival Life, a leading survival company. On first glance, the Stinger Spy Pen seems to resemble an actual pen. But the Hoffman Richter tactical pen is so much more than you may think.

When A 300 Pound Thug Attacks You…

What would you do?

What would you do in a survival situation?

Have you every imagined yourself to be in a situation where you would have to defend yourself? If so, have you imagined what you would do? Many people wouldn’t, as many attackers pre-plan their attacks.

Carrying a gun/knife (which is illegal in certain countries) is not a practical option, particularly for parents. But the Stinger Spy Pen allows you to take the power away from the attacker and to prevent them from harming you.

Besides from having all the functions of a ‘normal’ pen, this product also acts as an effective defense tool to protect you from unwanted attackers.  It is so effective that it can also be used as a glass breaker which is useful in a multitude of situations; for example, being trapped in a building where there are glass windows or a car which are you unable to escape through.

the stinger spy pen scam

The Ultimate Self Defense Tool.

The stinger spy pen being used to smash open a watermelon.

The Stinger Spy Pen being used to smash open a watermelon.

You probably get the impression that the Stinger Spy Pen is incredibly durable and strong, and you are right. But what makes it so durable and strong is the engineering of the pen. The tactical pen is hand machined out of aircraft aluminium and extremely well engineered.

Other features of this impressive pen include:

  • Force multiplier strike pad: this gives you maximum force (with devastating effects) with minimal effort.
  • A genuine spring steel pocket clip which allows you to keep your pen accessible at all times (you can wear it virtually anywhere and everywhere).
  • An ultimate self defense tool which also acts as a glass breaker.
  • It writes on the other side like a normal pen and under water.

What is really impressive to me about the Stinger Spy Pen is the appearance. It writes and has the appearance of a normal pen, but as the saying goes, ‘looks can be deceiving’.

This saying represents the Hoffman Richter tool very well as it is a discrete powerful defense tool. Its force power can have devastating effects in survival scenarios whilst deceiving attackers due to its normal pen-like appearance.

Your Satisfaction: Guaranteed.

spy stinger pen review

Because this product is from Survival Life, it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. This means if you are not satisfied with the Stinger Spy Pen (for any or no reason at all), you are entitled to a ‘no questions asked’ FULL refund.

But the best part of this (and this is why I am praising Survival Life and this product) is that you are STILL able to keep the pen! Isn’t that amazing? You are covered either way with the 100% money back guarantee and you still get to keep the pen.

The Stinger Spy Pen: A Must Have!

the stinger spy pen scam

All in all, the Hoffman Richter’s stinger spy pen is a product any survivalist would be proud to have in their kit. Moreover, this is a compact self defense tool which any individual who wants protection should carry.

Protect Yourself Today! 

Protect yourself and your loved ones the smart way by getting your hands on the Spy Stinger Tactical Pen. If you have any questions, I would love to help. Just drop me a comment below.

spy stinger pen review


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I am curious. The first thing I thought of when I read your article was, what about airport security? I can just imagine standing in line, emptying pockets, taking off shoes, belt, going through the whole drill, you know? Can I keep the pen or am I going to lose it?

Another question I have is, when the pen runs out of ink, can is there an available refill cartridge?


Duude this is so cool :O What you’re doing here is so useful! It is very exciting and helpful. A lot of people will find this extremely fascinating. In my opinion, everone should care about their survival. I also like that you write in a very detailed and thorough manner. Also, it is written in a very easy to understand language. I am definitely going to bookmark this page.


I still don’t understand what the pen does or how you use it (Aside from writing). Does it fire something…a projectile/ bullet ? How does the force multiplier pad work for breaking glass. Is this primarily for breaking glass? Made a video of it being used would provide more clarification.


This looks like a great product. It is more practical and less dangerous than a knife. I like how you can keep it in your pocket or purse or whatever without it cutting you but it is also a deadly weapon when intended. I guess it depends on the situation, but I wonder if it is better than a taser or not. It seems like the pen would be good if you had limited space to keep a self defense weapon.

Yunier Gonzalez

I had no such idea that pens like stinger existed ! This quite surprising actually and It would actually make a well self defence tool specially for girls.

This is a tool that most people wouldn’t even think about but it has some pretty cool advantages. I’m thinking of getting one after reading this review.

Hi there and what a brilliant idea for self defence. When I was younger (I live in the UK) I did own a stungun and they were legal to have on you for quite a while. I had been the subject of an attack and so I bought this stungun and felt the safer for it. Then they were banned in this country. From then on, I am very nervous going out by my own at night and this pen would definitely give me more confidence. I have actually been to a self defence class and given tips on how… Read more »

I like the idea of being able to carry something that will give me a better chance against an attack when I can’t carry my pistol. There are a lot of gun-free zones around now and it does make me feel vulnerable when I’m in one.
At that price I’m going to try one out but I’m not versed in how to use one. Can you point me to where I can learn some defensive moves using a tool like this?

Carol b

I have never heard of such a pen before. While many people now keep an alarm in their bag they do not have much in the way of defense. Alarms just create a noise in the hope help will come or the attacker is deterred.
The Hoffman Richter’s stinger spy pen would provide better defence and help people feel safer. I may have to get one. This pen looks more discreet I wonder what they will think of next? Also does it realy write under water? And can the ink cartridge be replaced easily?