Survival Life Credit Card Knife Scam? – The InstaBlade Knife Reviewed

Product: InstaBlade Credit Card Knife

Who’s It For: Survivalists, Preppers, Adults

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Price: $25 Free! (excludes shipping & handling)

Where to Buy: Survival Life

This article ‘Survival Life Credit Card Knife Scam’ explores the features of the InstaBlade Credit Card Knife and whether it is a genuine survival product you need. The InstaBlade Credit Card is distributed by Survival Life which is a leading survival company catering to survivalist needs.

What Is The InstaBlade? 

instablade knife scam

The InstaBlade is basically a pocket knife which can be simply and quickly closed to resemble a credit card. In essence, this is why it is referred to as a credit card knife. It looks like a credit card, but as the saying goes; looks can be deceiving.

Survival Life Credit Card Knife Scam? - The InstaBlade Knife Reviewed

The InstaBlade is an excellent example of this; an attacker might attempt to harm you but will be bewildered when your credit card transforms into a fully functional knife! The Instablade is easier to open than normal pen knives.

Can It Fit In Your Wallet? 


instablade credit card knife review

The InstaBlade is very portable as it folds into the size of an actual credit card (2 millimeters). This makes the InstaBlade a self-defense tool you can carry around in your wallet, pocket or purse.

Does The InstaBlade Have Durable Quality? 

Due to the InstaBlade having a surgical steel blade as well as being constructed with stainless steel, it has great durability. The stainless steel aspect also ensures that the knife and the metal hinges don’t suffer from rust.

Survival Life Credit Card Knife Scam? - The InstaBlade Knife Reviewed

Furthermore, the InstaBlade has a waterproof locking mechanism and a protective grip hand guard ensuring that the knife doesn’t slip out of your hands illustrating the InstaBlade’s great quality.

Considering the fact that the InstaBlade is 1/10th of the thickness of a standard utility knife, the excellent quality and durability of the credit card knife makes it a practical and useful everyday survival tool.

Is The InstaBlade Safe?

This might be a funny question to some since it a knife. However, considering how portable the InstaBlade credit card knife is and how many places it can be carried (wallets, bug out bags, purses, pockets), it is important to ensure that it is safe when closed.

The InstaBlade is absolutely safe when closed due to the built in safety sheath. This safety sheath prevents being harmed by the knife as you might be with an open blade knife. For example, with an open knife you might cut your hand when you reach for it in your bag.

Survival Life Credit Card Knife Scam? - The Instablade Knife ReviewedSurvival Life Credit Card Knife Scam? - The Instablade Knife Reviewed

However, the InstaBlade can be closed and it’s built in safety sheath prevents any accidents from occurring when the knife is carried in your pocket or bag. Furthermore, the safety sheath also protects the blade and prevents blade bluntness during everyday carry.

Is The Credit Card Knife Only For Survivalists?

Absolutely not – as you can imagine a knife can be used in many situations. From cutting wood to cutting food. The InstaBlade can be used in any situation which requires…a knife!

In the video below, you can see the InstaBlade being used to cut vegetables which is extremely useful in camping situations, as well as being used to cut a rugby ball.

The great durability and quality of the credit card knife is again reflected in its ability to cut through different materials and items.

Where Can I Get My FREE InstaBlade? 

Right here!

Be prepared for anything, anytime and anywhere with the InstaBlade credit card knife.

Click Here To Get Your Free Credit Card Knife!

If you have any questions about the InstaBlade, I would love to help. Just drop me a comment below and I will get back to you.


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Wow this is an interesting product. I like the idea of it, and how sneaky it is. I may end up getting one. I wouldn’t think it was durable but your review states that it is made from stainless steal so I guess it would be good quality. I will be checking back for more products, I like these kind of things, thanks.


This is an amazing idea. I can’t believe it’s free. Why would you not get one. These are sharp knifes as my friend has one of these and I was impressed how well it was put together. I though the first time I seen it that it was flimsy but I was wrong. It is well built. What other products do you recommend? How fast is the shipment to get one of these cool knifes?


That is a cool knife. I have never heard of one before. That would work great for camping and riding our horses. We always throw a knife in the horse trailer when hauling our horses in cases something goes wrong and we have to cut a rope to release the horse. I will make a trip back to your site. I would really love to have one. Great website.


This is really an amazing idea!

How thick is it when folded, compared to a real credit card? How easy is it to get it ready – in the video it is done actually quite slowly.

Also, can I really get it for free? If so, what’s the “catch”, if you don’t mind me asking?

Sorry if that seems too suspicious on my part, but I’m just used to asking questions first and then acting 🙂

Thank you in advance!


This is a good offer. It’s hard to believe it is thin enough to use AND fit in a wallet. Or that you can pull it out fast enough to fend off an attacker. I can see using it for opening boxes and those annoying moments when you need a knife but suddenly every cutting implement in the house disappears. lol The price is right! I’m going to try one out.