The Illuminati Ritual Sacrifice of “Vanity” Denise Matthews.

Vanity 6 group member Denise Matthew (otherwise known as ‘Vanity’), tragically died on the day of the 58th Grammy Awards (February 15th 2016). Vanity 6 was a group created by singer Prince and the group was controversial for their sexual expression through music and liberation. As you may know, sex is used as a major tool in the entertainment industry to sell music and products. It is a Devil’s vice which can negatively trap you into dark holes. Vanity also had a relationship with Prince as a result of their industry connection.

Denise Matthew (also an actress), was aged 57 when she died from sclerosing encapsulating peritonitis which is a rare impediment of peritoneal dialysis. However, this wasn’t a natural health problem but a problem caused by drug use. Vanity was a product of the demonic entertainment industry which consumed Denise’s soul, dignity and connection to God.

The Double Meaning of Vanity 6.

The number 6 in the group name ‘Vanity 6’ represented the amount of breasts in the group (there were 3 members) again linking to sexual references. But the number 6 also plays a different significance. Vanity 6 was very much so a group based on sex and rebellion. The number 666 in occultist terms is the number of the beast (Satan). The number 6 is a sacred number representing the soul of man which illustrates the power of God. This interlinks with the biblical teaching that greatest sin of man is pride. This is very interesting in that the literal meaning of ‘Vanity’ encapsulates being engrossed in pride thus contradicting the significant meanings of ‘Vanity’ and the number ‘6’.

The Gematria System of Numerology.


Before I go into this numerological aspect of this article, allow me to recite this quote. This will make much more sense after reading this section.

Here is WISDOM. Let him that has understanding COUNT the number of the beast: for it is the NUMBER of a man; and his NUMBER is Six hundred threescore and six.- Revelation 13:18

Anyone who is aware of the inner workings of the Illuminati knows that symbolism and numerology both play vital importance when ritually sacrificing individuals in the industry. I spoke about this in this article here. The elite hold major significance to occultist symbolism and numerology. As such, when applying the Gematria principles (which illustrate the occult meanings of numbers) on the death of Denise Matthew, you will find that she was sacrificed.

The Gematria system of numerology assigns numerical value to a word/phrase (in Greek/Hebrew, each letter of the alphabet doubles as a number – this practice has been carried into the English Gematria system). It is the practice of calculating the numerical value of words and phrases by adding the numbers associated with each letter.

Denise died at age 57 on the 46th day of 2016 (February 15th 2016). When applying the Gematria system to the word ‘sacrifice’, the number 46 is calculated. When entering her date of birth, 1/4/59 and adding the digits, this equals 64. Rearranged, this is 46.

On the date of the 58th Grammy Awards (a significant occultist event in the music industry) she died of sclerosing peritonitis; in other words kidney disease. Applying Gematria to ‘kidney disease’ this equals 58. More shockingly, her name coincides on the day of the 58th Grammy Awards. ‘Denise Matthews’ equals 58. The artist Prince (the person who created the ‘Vanity’ persona in the industry) was born in ’58. Finally, when entering the date she died: 2/15/16 and adding the digits this equals 33. 33 is a powerful occultist number (reflecting sin and harm) as it derives from the number 11 (11 x 3) which cannot be reduced because the number 10 is the number of perfection.

Occultists multiply and add numbers in order to create other sacred numbers — they also group numbers in ways that will be recognizable to other occultists. They often use the principle of intensification, that greater power is derived from groupings. 

Regarding the number 3, intensification is achieved when it is shown as 33, or 333. Obviously twice 333 is 666. Likewise, 39 conceals 13. Hitler chose to begin WW2 in ’39. Thrice 11 is 33, and both Roosevelt and Hitler came to power in ’33. Both were committed to the establishment of the New World Order. – Source

It consequently clear that all of the similarities between these numbers are beyond mere coincidence. The Gematria study of numbers gives us an insight into the occultist significance of numbers and how they interlink with ritualistic deaths.


The elite cleverly plan all ritualistic deaths and major calamities on precise dates to coincide with occultist significant numbers (just check 9/11 and how many times the number 11 coincides): Flight 11 was said to have 92 passengers (9+2 = 11). Flight 77 was said to have 65 passengers (6+5 = 11) and so on. Altogether the sum of Tower Windows was 21,800 (2+1+8+0+0 = 11).

Who Was ‘Vanity’? 


The name ‘Vanity’ encapsulates everything that the entertainment industry is about. When searching the meaning of ‘Vanity’ it is the “excessive pride in or admiration of one’s own appearance or achievements”. Vanity’s death was on music’s biggest night, the Grammy Awards, which definitely takes excessive pride in achievements and appearance.

However, her death takes on different significance in this regard. Her death on music’s biggest night illustrates that despite the persona you are groomed to employ (vanity); the industry will use you and when you decide to rebel, they will destroy you. Upon Denise’s death, Prince spoke about her passing during an Australian concert. He illustrated that ‘Vanity’ was different from ‘Denise’.

Can I tell you a story about Vanity? Or should I tell you a story about Denise? Her and I used to love each other deeply. She loved me for the artist I was, I loved her for the artist she was trying to be. She and I would fight. She was very headstrong cos she knew she was the finest woman in the world. She never missed an opportunity to tell you that. – Source

‘Vanity’ was Denise’s alter ego, her entertainment persona. In other words, “the artist she was trying to be”. Denise, on the other hand, was a distant lover of God who was able to find God after her drug overdose. After being in the hospital, medical professionals advised that she had 3 days to live while on life support. She had a religious experience during that time where she experienced a vision of Jesus who spoke to her saying that if she left ‘Vanity’, he would save her. Miraculously, she was able to get out of life support and survive.

Drugs and Demonic Possession: The Perfect Illuminati Formula of Destruction.


Getting an individual hooked on drugs is the perfect way to demoralize their entire being and soul. Drugs infiltrate the ability to connect with God and thus they are used to corrupt individuals in the industry. By 1994, Vanity was addicted to and overdosed on crack cocaine and suffered from near fatal renal failure. She later had a kidney transplant due to health problems. These encounters with drugs undoubtedly led to all of the kidney problems leading to her death.

Magic, drugs and demonology have always gone hand in hand. Drugs remove the part of the will that prevents demonic possession. Drugs are considered powerful demonizing substances by the those skilled in Demonology. If demonic possession is seen as part of mind-control, then cocaine, hashish, crack, and some of the other drugs are part of the effort to enslave people.  – Fritz Springmeier,

The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave, Volume 2

Also in the above 1995 interview, she explains that as a result of this religious experience, she completely left the Illuminati created persona ‘Vanity’ and broke free from the music industry. She was even embarrassed when looking back at her industry persona ‘Vanity’. Denise became one with God again and began to spread His word by speaking at churches around the world without looking back.

However, the effects of her mind control was life threatening and that coupled with her re connection to God made her a viable target. One of the major aims of the Illuminati is to overthrow major religions and religious institutions. Consequently, a product of the Illuminati entertainment industry that breaks free from the devil’s hands and begins spreading the word of God will eventually be silenced through ritualistic and occult means. And this is exactly what happened to Denise Matthews.

If your not walking with God, your walking with the ugly thing – Denise Matthews.

Rest in peace Denise Matthews – you will be forever missed.



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Hmm… very extreme views expressed here – although to be fair I can see that you make a lot of valid points.

Being a very spiritual person I would agree with a lot of your comments and the coincidence of the numbers etc are quite scary. Apparently Rihanna is a member of the Illuminati…

I believe most of the things in this article regarding satanic ritual and numerological practice but Denise gave her life to Jesus Christ and no man or demonic force can pluck anyone out of his hand. She could not have been sacrificed by anyone in the occult. Stop giving these societies more power than they have. She died as a result of sin, things she did in her life that caused her untimely death which we will all do at some point in life. The Bible says it has been appointed to men once to die. Everyone is going to… Read more »

A very interesting read, I have seen very familiar stuff posted on Facebook regarding theories and looking into deeper meanings of most music artist videos on you tube. I do believe what you are saying in this article, as its evident in most videos and other media. However I don’t like to look to deep into some meanings as it can really mess with your head. Anyway’s I enjoyed reading your unique post and looked at a few articles on your website. Great job well done.

Many Thanks Naeem



Wow ..what an interesting read..its like a movie
and i just want to keep on reading .. i really like the numbers game and found it very clever how they have created there own code and code structure and its influence on human kind…

Thanks for a very interesting post and you can bet on it i will be returning..

Whats the relations between human mind-manipulation ( Hence “The numbers game” ) and Christianity ?

Do they work together or are they worlds apart..

Hope to here from you soon..

Have a nice day from Jaco


Hi there. I read your article on vanity, and I don’t really know what to say. Firstly, id never heard of them, so I don’t know how popular they were. Secondly, all this superstition with numbers, demons, and the like doesn’t really do anything for me. I like to stimulate my mind, not fill it full of nonsense.I have a scientific mind, in that I feel that science has much more to give us in the modern world. This kind of stuff belongs in the Middle Ages.
Nice layout and site design though

Thanks for this website. Easy to read and enlightening. You have tackled some sensitive areas (lets face it… when you delve into “deeeeep” things everyone will have an opinion) with logic and tact. Personally I like to think there is no “good” and “evil” or “light” and “dark” but rather the lighter energies and the denser ones. We can all choose to move toward one or away from another in the interest of creating peace and harmony in both our own lives and the world. It is indeed sad when talented people make choices that diminish their light…. and yes,… Read more »
Joe Morgan

The page is very well organized,very informative. The group vanity 6 i never heard of them before that i can remember. But i am now very informed. Keep up the good work. I like the way you are bringing Christ into the picture. I believe that doomsday is getting very as describe in this site.


Wow ! This is an interesting post. Not surprising to me that the music industry can be connected to the occult and demonism. No doubt they have always used sex to sell music. Or that the music industry has strong connections to the illegal drug industry. Denise not the first or the best lost to drugs in the music industry. Seems to be a repeat of a very sad song. Does Prince have a similar history ?


Your site is very informative. There are always things going on behind the scenes. Formulas to attract and lure you in. For instance bright loud carpet in casinos to make you look at the machines, explosions and action scenes every 10 minutes scripted into the show to keep interest peeked” 15 minute attention span”, snack commercials late night. For music there also has to be a formula of rebellion, through drugs or sex or money, and now looks like what you have described as well. Everyone looks for angles to exploit.
Thanks for the info,


Hi there
there are environments that make these choices more challenging. It seems the music industry has the ability to lift up or cast down. The nice thing is that a choice is only current until we make the next one!
I read through everything else and it is really really good and very informative so well done on that great website.

Hi, Who is believing that Evangelist Denise’s passing was ritualistic murder? You will have to explain this further. Those of us who are Bible-believing Born Again Christians, who believe in an Omnipotent and Omnipresent God, will find your assessment very hard to believe. In her own words in 2013, Denise revealed that her pastor Willie Harper and his wife, Roxanne, prayed and both heard in their prayers, through the Holy Spirit, that Denise belongs to the Lord. Denise was a prayer warrior and had a deep relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. She talked about praying for at least 4… Read more »

Denise, Vanity, was able to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ the way she believed him to be. She taught that by ending her addiction to drugs and the draw of star power, she became what and she wanted to be. By doing this, she has given others hope that they to can do the same.

So sad that most people are still asleep. Most of these people sold their souls for their raise of fame forgot all about GOD and The father, the son and the Holy spirit tney welcome those demons offered themselves to them whether the drugs played a role or not. They became host to these demons. Sat at tables and feasted with them even broke bread with them. They knew what they signed on for. When it gets to hot in the kitchen giving them a brief glance and temperature of hell the first thing they want to do is run… Read more »

RIP Prince


Just a thought of losing Prince at the age of 57. Same with Denise being the same age as well. Rest in peace to the both of them…..


I am so thankful to our Savior Jesus that in His abiding mercy and grace, Denise and Prince are forever free from the clutches of evil and are even now praising our God before His throne. Satan left his mark upon their lives, but their spirits were freed by our Omnipresent, omnipotent and faithful Father. Praise His holy name!


Uhh what an interesting piece of work. I have written articles myself one entitled ‘ Devil’s snares’ in which how the devil uses sex, money,power, entertainment, pornography, necromancy and other accultistic and druid practises to lure man into a trap so powerful that you can’t imagine. My writings havent been popular, especially among African people. I believe people will wake up soon. World politics, football, terrorism is all but a hoax and part of mental programming. Hope to learn more information from you


Denise Matthew was freaking sacrificed?? That’s insane. Man I wasn’t really too aware of how in depth these occultists get with all these numbers. Kinds blew me away with all the 9/11 stats you threw out there. I couldn’t believe all those stats really added up to 11. Like how does that even happen?!