Top Rated Survival Knives – 5 Factors You Should Look At

Survival knives are an important tool which every survivalist should have in their bag pack. This article will look at what factors you should look at when purchasing a survival knife. Aside from the obvious use of being a protective weapon from unwanted attackers and those who are trying to violate your space and rights; survival knives are extremely practical in a multitude of everyday situations.

The various uses of survival knives include: skinning, batoning, carving, wood cutting and processing (to start a fire), preparing food, digging, hammering or even as a tool to rescue people (e.g. a good quality survival knife will be able to smash a window). Survival knives are also extremely useful when creating a temporary shelter in the wilderness or to lift hot things such as camping kettles/pots (you can use the handle to do this).

Click below to read all about the factors you should consider when purchasing your survival knife as a budding survivalist.

How To Use A Survival Knife? 

For those who are beginning to prep and gather survivalist items, you may be wondering how exactly to use a survival knife in the wilderness. No worries! The amazing video below will answer any concerns you may have.

The 5 Survival Knife Factors  

When purchasing a survival knife, you will want to look at the following 5 simple factors.

1. Durability

Your survival knife should be a high carbon steel as this is the strongest and easiest to sharpen. This is the most important factor of all because when you need your survival knife, the only thing that matters is the durability.

It should work when you need it, and having a high carbon steel survival knife won’t let you down.

2. Handle Material

Your survival knife should have a comfortable handle which won’t give you blisters or make your hands uncomfortable. A handle constructed from high friction rubber will prevent these things from happening.

3. Sheath

Make sure that your survival knife comes with a good quality sheath. The sheath is the protective retainer which presses/clicks over the knife.

Check out an example below.

The sheath on this knife is clickable

It’s not good having a survival knife which has a bad quality sheath as it can cause problems when it comes to safety. For example, if the sheath breaks or cracks how will you effectively protect your knife, not only from the environment but from children?

Furthermore, you should look at whether your survival knife comes with a belt clip/loop. This will make it easy to keep your survival knife with you as well as keeping it secure, safe and ready to use. If not, you should purchase a belt clip/loop as an accessory with the survival knife.

4. Simplicity

Although having a knife which has serrations and double edged saw teeth looks ‘cool’, they serve no purpose for survival and make sharpening your knife a harder task.

The more simple your survival knife, the better: you should aim for a drop point knife. An example can be seen below.

5. Blade

Try to aim for a survival knife which is fixed and does not fold. This is because survival knives which fold invite potential problems.

For example, the folder springs within the knife might break or dis function, causing problems when you need your knife the most. In this situation, a foldable survival knife is less effective.

Try to avoid purchasing a foldable survival knife such as this one as it will cause problems in the long run. 

Questions and Answers

One question which Doomsday is Near has received is which survival knives we recommend. To find out the top ten survival knives in the world, check out this article here:

If you have any other questions/comments about any of the factors described in this article, please feel free to drop a comment below and I will get back you.

Happy prepping!


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Very interesting! I like the guidance on selecting the best survival knife. I never would have put a lot of thought into it, so the information you provide is helpful. What is the best knife? What would you say the best handle and blade material combination would be?

I love the photo on your about us page too!


Very cool and informative article about survival knives. I would probably be prepping to if I had any money, lol. Too much stuff going on in the world these days and most of it makes me uncomfortable.

Anyways, you have some very important information in this article. Purchasing the right knife has to be part of any prepping plans. In most cases like that, finding a new one would be very difficult (after a martial law event or WW3 or however it goes down).

Keep up the good work man.


Thanks for the great article on how to select and use a survival knife. I also enjoyed the video on how to use the knife safely.

I noted your helpful comments on what features to focus on to select the best knife. Does the knife shown have the high friction rubber you mention? Perhaps you could elaborate on the rubber handle?



Your information came right in time. Honestly, I never thought that knives could be so complicated tool. I solely wanted to purchase new instead of my lost one. Your described Must Have features for survival knife leads me to buy one or similar. I’d like to have a durable knife and not to sharpen so often.

Adam W

Thanks for linking the video. Never thought it could be so easy to make a tent peg.

What length of knife do you recommend purchasing?
I’ve thought that a 6 inch knife would be the way to go, but after seeing the video, his is quite small.

Do you have an other videos or resources on proper knife sharpening techniques?

Your blog on survival knives was excellent. I wasn’t sure if the term “bag pack” was intentional or a typo? Although I will say that while it is obvious you have zeroed in on the “Illuminati” conspiracy, you were in so many places I became a little overwhelmed. That said, I must confess I never lost interest. All of it was intriguing as I have just finished reading a book on Conspiracy Theories; which didn’t get anywhere near your depth on the Illuminati. I would say that your subject matter is controversial enough that you should attract like-minded individuals willing… Read more »
Heather Grace

If the world were to end tomorrow, I would be in big trouble. I have zero survival skills. You have some great tips that even a new is like me can follow! Do you have a recommendation for a sharpener for these knives? I assume to would go dull quickly depended on what you use it for.


I never thought you had to consider for all those factors to actually buy a reasonable knife. I would have totally forgotten about the folding aspect and the problems that can occur with it. I will remember that for whenever doomsday is near! I also liked the video on how to use knifes effectively and use them to greater strength.