The Orlando Mass Shooting: Is Omar Mateen An Illuminati Patsy?

At least 50 people have died in the Orlando mass shooting which took place in a Florida gay club. The death toll from the deadliest mass shooting in U S history since nine eleven is expected to increase with 53 more individuals in critical condition. I want to speak about the shooter Omar Mateen who allegedly had ties with ISIS although this has not been confirmed.

Omar Mateen is a legal Florida resident who has been identified as the culprit for the shooting. There is a lot of speculation surrounding the motives of the attacks, including homophobic beliefs stemming from Islamic radicalism as well as an act of sheer terrorism. What is very interesting about this mass shooting is the fact that it occurred during the Islamic festival of Ramadan. Islam in terms of religion, does not condone this behavior. In fact, this is so called ‘religion’ which is twisted and debased in a form to suit evil intentions.

Omar Mateen interestingly worked in security and operated weapons. Apparently, the security firm he used to work for called G4S was told about his homophobic and racist views. Mateen’s ex wife told the media that Mateen was emotionally unbalanced after the shooting. Furthermore, his first wife said that Mateen suffered from bipolar disorder. It is interesting how the perpetrators who are involved in mass shootings such as James Holmes, Adam Lanza and Omar Mateen are always linked to some form of mental illness. But why were these people not given help in the first place?

Allegedly, Mateen had the license to use guns, but why are there not regular checks done on people to ensure that they are of sound mind to possess a gun? The whole agenda of gun control could easily be solved if there was effective and ongoing background checks, but Obama would rather ignore this for his own agendas. Obama previously said there is no other nation that has mass shootings like the U.S, but what about Norway which has massive gun control? There are obviously political agendas which are being pushed here and it’s not for our protection but for our enslavement. The new world order will bring about modern slavery and our rights to protect ourselves are being stripped as we speak.

Doomsday is near has spoken about how ISIS was used as an artificial creation to push political propaganda. This was done to implement various new world order agendas including mass surveillance, destroying the U.S constitution and our right to bear arms and martial law. And it seems that this contrived mass shooting is another piece in the ongoing Illuminati jigsaw which seeks to bring order out of chaos. Although, there is no proof about Omar’s affiliation with Islamic state, it is interesting how this rumor was spread through mass media and it is religion that is getting a bad name. Although not confirmed to be an act of terror, rumors are running strife in the media on purpose in order to destroy the concept of religion and implement mass fear.

After the shooting, tensions have never been higher to take away guns. People are literally begging for our right to bear arms to be eradicated due to the mass fear which is being taken advantage of by the elite. But what people don’t understand is that this gives us less protection and more vulnerability to be abused by the government. I would like to know why Obama is releasing prisoners early who carry guns illegally in the first place? Why are prisoners being released to just commit another crime in society without no rehabilitation in place. It’s almost as if the Illuminati WANT attacks to happen in order to further their hidden agendas.

It is interesting that the deadliest attack in the history of the U.S. happened around the same time as the Bilderberg Meeting which is regularly attended by Hillary Clinton. Interestingly, Hillary Clinton is advocating for guns to be banned. The Bilderberg meeting unites powerful individuals in the world who reunite to discuss important topics in secrecy. The Bilderberg meeting in essence makes a mockery of democracy and keeps various agendas hidden to the masses. One of the agendas high on the list this year was the implementation of internet ID’s and global tax. Don’t be surprised if bills and directives are rushed to be approved which restrict our privacy and increase mass surveillance. And the reason given will probably be the deadliest shooting in U.S history. Would it go too far to say that Omar Mateen is an Illuminati patsy who was recruited and mind controlled to carry out this attack in order to justify Illuminati agendas? We must wake up and open our eyes to the political manipulation that is going on.


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